As the hundred and twenty disciples gathered faithfully in the Upper Room, they weren’t just waiting for a date on the calendar. The Bible says, “They were all with one accord in one place” (Acts 2:1). This means they had come together as one body for one purpose: the hope of seeing Jesus’ promise fulfilled. Their cry was the same as in Isaiah’s day: “Lord, rip open the heavens and come down. Let all mountains of opposition, human and demonic, melt at Your presence, so the lost may be saved” (see Isaiah 64:1).
We know what happened: The Holy Ghost fell, with visible fire appearing on the disciples’ heads. This holy outpouring took them to the streets of Jerusalem, where thousands of lifeless religious people saw and heard what was happening. Immediately the Spirit fell on that crowd, melting every mountain of opposition. Peter stood up to preach, and suddenly those who had rejected Jesus — masses who had hardened their hearts — melted at the mention of Christ’s name. And three thousand people cried out to be saved.
Consider what God was doing. All around the world at that time, there were wars, uprisings, great darkness, empires invading nations. Multiple millions were busy with commerce, as cargo ships and trade caravans traversed the globe. Yet, God’s interest and focus was on a hundred and twenty humble, praying saints gathered in a small, rented room. What does this tell us? Simply put, when God strikes a match, there must be kindling for it to catch fire. As His Spirit blew on those saints at Pentecost, a flickering flame became a fire that soon would cover the whole earth.
Once again, the same cry is rising all over the world today.