Isaiah’s prophetic messages were heard throughout the nation. During this time there were great religious gatherings, complete with choirs and orchestras and people filling the synagogues. The people were well versed in the Scriptures and kept all the ordinances. Yet, in spite of all this activity — all the teaching, pageantry and good works — the atmosphere in the synagogues was dead. Doing God’s work had become drudgery, for one reason only: There was nothing of His presence in their rituals.
The prophet Micah spoke for God:
“O my people, what have I done unto thee? And wherein have I wearied thee? Testify against me” (Micah 6:3).
The Lord was prodding His people, “Tell me, what have I done to burden you? I challenge you to testify of what I did to cause your lethargy.”
As Isaiah looked around, he was moved to say:
“There is none that calleth upon thy name, that stirreth up himself to take hold of thee. . . . Thy holy cities are a wilderness” (Isaiah 64:7, 10).
Essentially, Isaiah was saying, “Lord, You’ve blessed us with good teachers, music and programs. But we don’t have Your presence, Your fire, Your Holy Ghost power. I see no one calling out to You. Lord, rend the heavens! Come down and give us your touch.”
Beloved, I suggest to you: What a picture of Christ’s church today. We have been blessed with more tools for evangelism than any other generation. We have more media outlets for the gospel — more books, websites, television and radio shows — than ever before.
Yet, it is still rare to come out of a church service today saying, “I was revived, made alive again, by being in God’s house.” Simply put, there is very little Holy Spirit power operating in much of the church. In my opinion, we are missing Isaiah’s cry: “Lord, reveal Yourself. Touch Your people once more.”