I know the Bible says Satan has come down in these last days with great wrath (see Revelation 12:12). But I can’t conceive of God allowing Satan and his forces to freely assault the church without the Holy Spirit coming in greater power and manifestation.
The Bible says:
Evil men will grow more and more wicked
There will be a great falling away
The love of many will grow cold
The faith of many will be shipwrecked
False preachers will come to deceive many
People will love pleasure more than God
But, beloved, none of these things can hinder the work of the Holy Spirit. Nothing can silence the shout of victory He brings. Nothing can hold back the great, swelling tide of triumphant praise that is coming. Nothing can put out His fire or stop His rain from falling.
I urge you: Be ready for those in your workplace to come asking, “I know you’re a Christian. I’m so troubled by what’s going on in the world. Please, tell me what you believe.” To every humble pastor of a small church, and to every leader of an unseen prayer group, the Holy Spirit wants to come into your midst, touch you and revive you. Will you believe it?
The only thing those hundred and twenty disciples in the Upper Room had to hold on to was a promise from Jesus that He would come. And He did come — with power unseen in all of history! Likewise, today all we have to hold on to is a promise from our Lord. He pledged to all who would follow Him, “I appoint unto you a kingdom” (Luke 22:29).