If I am to live by my faith, I must do as Noah did and build an ark to ride out the storm.
“By faith Noah . . . moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house” (Hebrews 11:7).
The ark that Noah built represents Jesus Christ — and there is no other safe place on earth.
When Isaiah prophesied of a king coming to reign in righteousness, he was clearly describing Christ:
“A man shall be as a hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land” (Isaiah 32:2).
All over the world people are desperately searching for a safe place to hide their money. Multitudes are buying guns to protect their families during what they believe will be a dark time of “every man for himself.” These include Bible-believing Christians.
Yet there is no place of guaranteed safety on earth, except to abide in Jesus. I don’t state this as some empty theology that Christians often say thoughtlessly. For over two thousand years, those who have trusted in Jesus for safety have proven God’s Word faithful.
“The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous run into it, and is safe” (Proverbs 18:10).
“The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust” (Psalm 18:2).