God releases his awesome delivering power to those who completely trust him.   Those who “stagger” in faith, fretting and worrying, will never be delivered from the snare of Satan.


The answer is simple, yet many of us just don’t get it.  We go on living in turmoil and fear, while at our fingertips are all the precious promises needed to set us free from crises in this life.  God hates our unbelief, mostly because it ties his hands and keeps us from enjoying his glorious provision.  Make it a priority each day to pray, “Lord, help my unbelief.  Give me childlike trust in you.”


WE COULD NOT GO ON HERE IN NEW YORK CITY WITHOUT COMPLETE TRUST IN THE LORD.  The problems are too overwhelming.  Millions of people are living in overcrowded conditions.  The city is going wild with violence, drugs, murder, homicides, a new strain of TB that is airborne, the plague of AIDS.


Our workers who minister every day to the diseased street people and homeless who carry these diseases are not afraid.  They trust the Lord to protect them and to strengthen them in this work.


I thank God for allowing us to be his channels in raising up a thriving church on Broadway, with thousands of lives being touched.  But we did not come to New York City simply to build a church.  We came to do what Jesus would have done: to minister to the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the addicted, the worst among sinners.


We rejoice that God is enabling us to bring Christ’s redeeming gospel to many who once were considered hopeless by every human measure.  A small army has already been saved from the streets, and every day more and more are being rescued. 


GOD IS PROVING HIS POWER OVER ALL THE DESTRUCTIVE FORCES OF HELL.  And he will show his power on your behalf, too, in the trial you are facing.  Amen!