The Spirit has been making it so clear to me that all my praying is totally in vain unless I pray in faith.  I could weep, fast, intercede, agonize and travail in prayer, yet make no impact with the Lord at all – unless I was doing it all with simple, childlike faith.


God will not act on our behalf without faith.  The Word says, “Let not that man [the doubter] think he shall receive anything from God” (James 1:7). 


The Lord commands us to trust him.  Yet often we have so little confidence in him, so little faith in his willingness and desire to answer our heart-cry.  When we get to heaven, we will be amazed to discover all the blessings, peace and power we had at our disposal but did not appropriate because of our weak faith.


I AM GREATLY MOVED UPON BY THE HOLY SPIRIT TO CHALLENGE YOU TO INCREASE YOUR FAITH.  Ask the Lord to forgive your unbelief and to flood your soul with confidence in his willingness to over-answer your sincere prayers.


Do you want an increase faith?  When you go to prayer again, use the following Scriptures to reason with the Lord.  He will not deny his own Word.  Lay hold upon these:


·         Psalm 62:8

·         Psalm 91:4

·         Psalm 56:3

·         Proverbs 30:5

·         Jeremiah 29:10-14


Hold on by faith!  He will answer you, and soon.