Just as I was preparing to write this message, the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me: “Edify the people.  Bless them with my Word.”  I responded, “Lord, I would love to, but what do you want to say?  You must impress deeply upon my spirit the right word for these times.”


Here is what I received from the Lord.  I hope you will receive it and be truly edified.  Perhaps you are the very one whom God has prepared to receive such a word of encouragement at this particular time:


  • God desires that you believe what he has spoken to you, especially about healing and guidance.  (See John 4:48-50.)

Jesus told a nobleman his son was going to be healed.  “The man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way.”  This man believed the Lord’s word, and his son was healed that same hour. 


  • The Lord is going to answer your heart-cry according to the multitude of his tender mercies.  His timing is perfect, so be patient.  (See Psalm 69:13-14, 16-18, 32-33.)

In this passage you must substitute “demonic power” for “enemies.”  Your real enemy is Satan, who hates your continued hunger for a closer walk with the Lord.

  • Here is a very specific word for you personally.  Yes, a number of people will receive this same word in my message here, but the Holy Spirit has a way of applying God’s Word in different ways to many believers.

Go to Psalm 145.  Before you read it, pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to you directly in a verse or two.  I know the Lord spoke this to my heart, that you are going to be edified in Psalm 145.


(Verse 14 is one that has been pinpointed to me for you, but the Spirit may pinpoint others to you also.)


May God give you much Holy Ghost fight, to resist the devil and put him to flight.