No matter what happens to the economy, no matter what crisis we face, no matter what sorrow or trouble may come our way – OUR BLESSED LORD IS LEADING AND CARING FOR US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.


God had to finally disown those he delivered out of Egypt, because they doubted and limited him after having been so miraculously coddled in his loving arms.  It isn’t simply that God would like for us to trust him in difficult times – he demands it.  This is why Scripture so strongly warns us against unbelief.  We are told it grieves the Lord and shuts us off from every blessing and good work he has promised.  Our unbelief makes every promise “of no effect.”


For us in New York City, this is not a dead theology.  We have to practice what we preach just to survive each day.  If we did not fully trust the Lord’s promises and rely on Jesus with all that is in us, we would freeze up with fear and panic.  The streets here are like war zones; people live constant fear and danger, and bystanders are murdered left and right.  Our costs to care for those we minister to are heavy, and the needs of hurting people are so enormous.  IF WE DID NOT REST IN GOD’S STEADFAST PROMISES, WE WOULD BE OVERWHELMED. 


But we are not overwhelmed – we are not afraid.  As the problems grow worse, we grow stronger in the power of the Holy Spirit.