THE FAVOR OF THE LORD by Gary Wilkerson

While I’m preaching this sermon at the Springs Church in Colorado Springs, a young man is preaching at Times Square Church in New York City. For a year, he was homeless, lost, hurt, broken, alcoholic.
One Sunday morning he wandered into Times Square Church and found a seat in the back row of the highest part of the balcony. He left that service muttering, “I hate this church. I’m never coming back!” However, he did come back, and again he left saying, “I hate this church. I’m never coming back.”
But he kept coming back — a third Sunday, a fourth Sunday, a fifth Sunday, and on and on. He even counted the Sundays — 52 of them — and finally, instead of saying, “I hate this church, I’m never coming back,” he said, “I love Jesus and I need Him in my life.” This homeless young man, living on the park benches in New York City, came down to the altar and gave his life to Jesus.
Subsequently, he was sent to a rehab program where it was discovered that he had a brilliant mind. After completing the rehab program, he was sent off to Bible school where he finished a four-year Bible program in two years with a 4.0 grade point average.   
Then he was sent to seminary to pursue a three-year master’s degree in theology. His brilliance continued to propel him and he finished that three-year course in 18 months. The seminary asked him to stay on and become a professor, but he replied, “No, I’m a pastor.”
Today he is on staff at Times Square Church preaching the glory of God. That is the favor of the Lord.