Moses knew how important God’s blessings were to Israel. His supernatural works had saved their lives — manna from heaven when they faced starvation and water from a rock when their bodies were parched beyond their limits.
But Moses recognized that the point of these experiences, beyond their miraculous provision, was to know and trust the compassionate, loving God who bestowed them. Moses’ next statement comes as no surprise:
“Please show me now your ways, that I may know you in order to find favor in your sight” (Exodus 33:13).
Moses knew that, ultimately, God’s favor wasn’t found in the blessings He provided — it was found in knowing the Lord Himself. 
I thank God for all His earthly blessings. As a pastor, I get to see His amazing work in people’s lives all the time. He restores marriages that have broken apart. He provides for those who struggle economically. He brings healing to people’s sick, broken bodies.
As I write this, I think of a little boy named Isaiah who wasn’t expected to live for ten days beyond his birth. After he survived the first year, doctors said he would never walk. Recently, his mom sent me a video of young Isaiah dancing with a little girl at a wedding!
Such things speak of God’s unlimited favor — His ability to breathe life into any desert wilderness. We all experience His favor in ways too great to measure: our relationships, our health, our work, our school. When we struggle in any area of life, or our circumstances get too difficult, He sustains us with His soothing presence. God has done things in our lives we never could imagine happening. His unlimited favor knows no boundaries.