God's New Covenant with us can be summed up in one powerful statement. It is His irrevocable promise to deliver His people from the dominion of sin — through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This New Covenant does away with all our puny efforts to please God through our flesh. It is the end of all our striving to overcome sin, whether through determination, strength, reasoning or any other works of the flesh. In short, God's New Covenant takes the pressure off of us and places it all on Him.

Through this covenant, the Lord says, "I will no longer ask you to bring Me a godly heart. Instead, I will remove your heart of stone and put in you a new heart, one that has a desire for Me. I will cause you to will and to do My good pleasure, through the power of My Spirit" (see Ezekiel 11:19-20).

In simple terms, the New Covenant is the end of the "can do" man in us who says, "I can do it all in my own strength. If I just spend enough time in prayer and Bible study, if I just think through my problems, I'll be able to make changes in my life."

God's New Covenant says goodbye to this old "can do" man and introduces the "new man," who says, "I can't do anything in my own strength but I can do everything through the power of the Holy Spirit."

One of the most important things I have learned from my study of the New Covenant is that it is the secret to having an overcoming life in the last days. As the time of Christ's return draws near, the devil is going to let loose wild, demonic powers against God’s people such as the world has never seen.

We see this happening already within the walls of the church. Satan has infiltrated God's house with subtle lies, false doctrines, demonic teachings. Sadly, undiscerning Christians are swallowing it. Multitudes of deceptions and heresies are swirling through the church and I ask you: How will believers be able to stand in such times?

The Lord answers us by promising to take on the problem Himself. He assures us, "Don't be afraid. I will take this matter into My own hands and empower you against every onslaught of the enemy through My New Covenant with you."