"He therefore that ministereth to you the Spirit, and worketh miracles among you, doeth he it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?" (Galatians 3:5).

Paul says that God measures out the Holy Ghost to us and He does so not according to our works, but according to our faith in Him.

Jesus is the only person who ever had the Holy Spirit without measure. Yet there have been many men and women throughout history who were given a great measure of the Spirit. Such believers have always known they do not have to strive to weep over a lost, broken world, because the Holy Ghost does the weeping in them.

Our part is to pray: "Holy Ghost, You know everyone in my circle of influence who is under conviction because You are the one who convicts them. You see every tear that falls in the quiet of the night and You know everyone who is desperate and crying for help. I am Your instrument. Fill me with Your burden and lead me to those You have prepared."

God wants to empower us for one reason — to get us into the streets, filled with His Word and led by His Spirit. He wants us to be able to speak a piercing, convicting word that has the unmistakable fire of the Spirit!

Does something stir in your soul over the lost? Are you burdened for those in your circle of influence? Or do you focus endlessly on your own needs? If you don't know Christ's heart and have His burden, you can never expect to be used of Him.

For many Christians, the work of eternity may not be in a faraway land but will center on family, friends and coworkers. The requirements, however, are just the same. To reach the lost, we must ask the Lord to move on them with conviction and to prepare our hearts with a timely word.

Fast and pray and then ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to those He has convicted and prepared to hear His Word. Then trust in His guidance and power to do the miraculous!