God seals all His promises with an oath and we have the “legal” right to stand on them. God cannot back away from any of His promises or He would not be God. So we can hold to each promise and say, "Lord, I'm going to stand on what You have said.”

You may say, "Wait a minute. Do you mean we're not supposed to commune with the Lord?" I do not mean that at all. But the fact is, our communion with God is not restricted to worship, praise or prayer. We commune with Him by actively leaning on His written, revealed Word and our communion with Him also includes trusting Him.

The Holy Spirit "speaks" mostly by leading us to pertinent Scripture passages, showing us God's mind on any matter and telling us what steps to take. Why should He speak with an inner voice when we will not "hear" His revealed, written voice?

God does not have to tell us everything or reveal all His plans to us. In fact, we can have intimacy with God simply by giving up our efforts to figure out His voice. This kind of intimacy says, "Lord, even if I never hear another word from You, You still give me everything I need. I know You love me. Your Word has come to me and I am going to rest in that."

David is an example of this kind of trust. As this godly man lay on his deathbed, he said: "Although my house be not so with God . . ." (2 Samuel 23:5). In other words: "I have not yet seen the fulfillment of all the words the Lord has given me, yet I have been given a promise that my house will not fall."

David had no prophet standing nearby, telling him these things. He had no dream, no vision, no inner voice speaking to him. Instead, as he faced eternity, he said, "God gave me a covenant promise in His Word. And I'll go into eternity standing on that promise."

David went on in the same verse: "For this is all my salvation, and all my desire." He was saying, in essence, "I can face death now because His promise is all I need."

We may fail in our discernment, our hearing, our decisions, but we can rejoice in our God, who is our strength. We must simply yield, stand still and see His salvation!