Even while death stalks on all sides, the river of spiritual life is rising.  And it is healing all it touches.


There is a rising tide of spiritual death in many denominations, as well as in numerous local churches.  People are dying spiritually for lack of God’s solid Word of truth.


Isn’t it ironic that while in Russia, China and Eastern bloc Communistic countries people are turning to the Lord with great spiritual hunger and thirst – while here in America, abortionists, pornographers and dead denominations are spreading death and mockery of sacred things?


Thank God, his divine purposes will not be hindered one iota.  Even now the Spirit of the Lord is moving throughout the world.  And here in America, we see pockets of revival and great spiritual hunger.


Are you experiencing more hunger for the Lord and his Word than ever before?  That is the work of the Holy Spirit, as he sovereignly raises up a holy remnant.  Here in New York City, we are experiencing a flood of God-hungry people who come to church early and leave late.  People from all walks of life are becoming conformed to the image of Jesus – rich, poor, homeless, from all nationalities.  People are visiting from all over the world, and they too are witnessing “waters to swim in.”


The river is rising, and it is bringing spiritual life to all it touches.  May it touch you where you are.