As I prepared to write this message, the Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to me that I should send you the following encouragement from Psalm 37.  I am constantly amazed at how God sends his Word to us just in time, when it is needed most.  It is his loving nature to have heard your cry and to have prepared a special word to arrive the very hour you need it.  Hear the word of the Lord to you:


1.     Do not be upset by evildoers or those who trample you down for their benefit.  Their day is coming:

·         Psalm 37:1, 2, 7, 8-15, 32-34.


2.     Trust in the Lord – delight in him.  Turn everything over to him and give rest to your mind and spirit:

·         Psalm 37:3-6.


If you will obey this Word, you will be filled with rejoicing and have the desire of your heart.  God will bring to pass all he has promised.  You will see his righteousness coming forth in you.


3.     God knows every step ahead of you.  And he is ordering everything pertaining to your life, your family, your needs.  So, trust him in everything:

·         Psalm 37:23-29.


4.     Godly parents do not stay continually angry with their children, just as the Lord is not angry with his children.  He wants to be your peace, your strength, and your help in time of trouble:

·         Psalm 37:34, 37-40.


The Lord promises to do all these good things for his people in Psalm 37, “because they trust in him” (37:40).