All hell quakes at the effectual, fervent prayer of a single believer. The powerful praying of just one intercessor sounds like raging thunder in the caverns of the damned. Not one inch of space in hell remains unaffected by a believer who denies himself, takes up his cross, and follows Christ with his whole heart.

Yet, we must remember: The soul that cries out with agonizing yearnings for depth in Christ will become the central focus of Satan's conspiracy of interruptions.

A pastor wrote to me, saying, "My greatest battle is not with some secret sin of the flesh but with maintaining a consistent life of prayer and study in God's Word! Satan rarely tempts me with sexual sin, but he gets me so busy with the daily affairs of life that my times for prayer and study are crowded out. I don't allow this to happen intentionally but I get caught up in all kinds of projects and interruptions. This cycle is repeated over and over and Satan is robbing me of my time with God."

Like millions of other sincere Christians, this dear pastor is the victim of a demonic conspiracy of interruptions. And the devil's chief target in these attacks is the secret closet of prayer. So, how does the devil keep believers out of this fearsome, secret place? Does he entice with erotic images, soothing thoughts of escape through alcohol or drugs, or dreams of fame and prosperity?

No, never! The devil knows that the person in union with Christ will not be tempted by such vulgarity. Instead, the old fox seeks to interrupt and hinder a believer's every attempt to enter the presence of God and study His Word.

Communion in prayer and the study of God's Word cannot be optional. Your thought should not be merely that you ought to pray but that you cannot survive without prayer. Job declared, "I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food" (Job 23:12).

Only when prayer becomes important enough will you make the time to do it!