WAITING FOR JESUS - Gary Wilkerson

I wouldn’t preach a message about “waiting for the power of God” if I didn’t know it to be true. My wife, Kelly, and I have walked through such an experience. I have written before of our son Elliot who was addicted to heroin. At one point he was even homeless. We tried to help him through rehab programs and contacting individuals who might be able to get through to him but nothing ever touched him. Many nights Kelly and I cried ourselves to sleep over; it was one of the most difficult times of my life.
One night Kelly told me she had heard from the Lord and I could see that she truly was clothed with something of God.
“I had a dream that Elliot was lying on the ground, unconscious. Jesus told me to pick him up, and when I did, his body hung limp in my arms. When Jesus lifted him from me, I was so relieved. But then he turned away from me so that I couldn’t see Elliot.
“This disturbed me, but I sensed strongly that the Lord was telling us, ‘You can’t do this yourself. You’ve got to stop interfering. You’re unable to see it, but I’m doing a work in Elliot that’s hidden from you.’”
A few weeks later the Holy Spirit took hold of our son and transformed him. He redeemed Elliot completely and today he is a powerful young witness for God.
Friends, if we’re failing today, is it because we’re not waiting for God’s power? Is it because we’re “showing” ourselves rather than “hiding” ourselves in prayer? I exhort you to wait on Jesus. When his word comes to you through the Holy Spirit, whispering, “Show yourself,” there is nothing in life to compare.
On that day, you’ll see heaven touching earth in ways you never imagined. You’ll speak with more conviction, authority and boldness. And your pleasure in your walk with Jesus will be like nothing you have ever experienced.