“Jesus is beautiful.” I hesitate to use this phrase because it carries so little power to convey the awesome reality of His glory. And I’m not using “beautiful” the way we normally do, meaning, “Isn’t she lovely?” or “Isn’t he handsome?” We can’t fathom all the depths of Jesus’ beauty —how glorious, amazing, wonderful, separate and unique He is.
Yet all His attributes bear saying again and again and again. Jesus is tender, kind, precious. He is full of majesty and splendor. He is wondrous, strong, mighty, powerful. He is clever, wise, outstanding. And He never fails!
Jesus never slips, He’s never weak and He’s never knocked down for a single moment. He is always listening to us and He always advocates for us. He never takes a break from fighting Satan for us, and never stops loving us even when we fail.
The Bible describes Jesus in ways it would never describe us. Isaiah says there was no deceit in Him, meaning He had no false motives. He didn’t preach to attract crowds or heal to impress people. It also says He was tempted in all ways, meaning that He was subject to every kind of battle you and I face. Yet He is so beautiful that even in those temptations He was without sin. In fact, He said of the Father, “I am pleased to do Your will.”
So how did Jesus describe Himself? He says He is gentle and humble in nature. Yet His use of the word “humble” does not mean self-effacing; His meaning is much stronger, suggesting He willingly lowered Himself from His rightful place in heaven to become human flesh. He set aside His reign from on high to take on a dependent form of divinity, so that as a man He relied on His Father to empower all His divine activities on earth. Talk about real humility! Who gives up power once they have it? And nobody has the kind of power Jesus possessed. What He did is beautiful!