The devil greatly fears the Lord’s presence in our lives. He trembles at the very thought of a believer’s nearness to Jesus. So, when his demonic hordes see you breathing out prayers and drawing near to the presence of your heavenly Father, all hell takes note: “The Lord is with this believer. He has obtained the divine presence. What can we do against him now?”
Satan will do everything in his power to rob you of the Lord’s presence. It is why he makes so many attempts to bog down your soul with worries about the future.
Simply put, the enemy of your soul wants you drained of all strength. He will use anything he can, even “good” things, to keep you away from spending time alone with Jesus. He knows your time with Christ enables you to endure fear and anxiety, even in this worrisome time.
The whole world is aware that we are facing very difficult times and as believers, we each are faced with an important question: “How near am I to Jesus in this hour?”
I believe that when things are unsettled, the most powerful testimony for a Christian is to be wholly at peace. While the rest of society is in a panic — fainting, in some cases even dying, from fear — the praying believer will be growing continually stronger. This will be so because that godly servant is receiving more and more encouragement from the Holy Spirit. The Bible speaks of that which can’t be shaken!
If you want to be able to stand steadfast in the storm, Scripture’s counsel is simple: You must have the Lord’s presence in your life daily.
How much quality time do you spend alone with Jesus? Are you growing closer to Him with each passing day? Do you pray without ceasing — silently calling out to Him throughout the day and evening? He promises to hear your cry, even when uttered in weakness.