There is something unique and special about the servants who will bring in the last great harvest. First of all, they will not be afraid to “plow in the cold.”

“The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing” (Proverbs 20:4).

Jesus said that the field is the world, meaning nations, peoples, races. When I came to New York in 1958, the church, society, and the government all said that drug addicts were incurable—especially heroin addicts. They said in effect, “It’s too cold to plow! They don't want God. They can’t be reached.” But God said to me, “Go plow! That’s a diamond mine and I’m going to have a great harvest there.” And so He has.

Along our southern borders they are wringing their hands as millions of illegals pour in. In New York and California illegal aliens are flooding in from all over the globe. God has raised up churches to reach them for Christ because these newly converted Christian workers have seen it as a chance to plow. God has brought the mission field to them. Now young ministers, who were once illegal aliens, are going back to their homelands as missionaries to evangelize.

Yes! Cold waves of apostasy are sweeping the earth. The Jews are cold, as well as the Muslims. So many seem hopeless and hard. But the Lord says, “Don’t be lazy—go plow!” No group of people, no individual, should be considered too cold, too hard, or too far gone! Go and sow! Plow and you will reap! In this day of His power the Spirit will convict all.

Before establishing Times Square Church, we were told that New York was too hard, too wicked—there was no hope—no one would come out on a Sunday night for church. There was too much cynicism, too much crime and people would not leave their homes to come to Times Square at night, any night. It was supposed to be too cold to plow. But this packed church proves how wrong they were.