2012 EXPECT Church Leadership Conference Colorado Springs, CO September 25th-27th by Gary Wilkerson

Expect Church Leadership Conference 2012 Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, CO
September 25-27, 2012
All over the world, pastors and church leaders labor day in and day out to bring His love to those in need. As a minister, you have no doubt experienced the joy of His hand guiding you. But like many, you may also have experienced the difficulty, the loneliness, the dryness, even the despair which can occasionally come to all of us who serve. The ministry you are about to be introduced to was established just for you, to strengthen you, to bring a fresh anointing of God’s love and divine healing into your ministry, into your family, into your church.
Please join us as we stand in awe at the healing work of God taking place in our very midst.