“While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word…. For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God” (Acts 10:44 and 46). This is speaking of the household of Cornelius.

Think of it, a private Pentecost falling upon an entire household with everybody there lifted into the heavenlies. It was miraculous! The praises were thrilling as all the relatives and children were getting saved and filled with God's Holy Spirit. All because one man set his heart to seek God until an answer came.

And here we sit, in the day of the outpoured Holy Ghost, with many homes where there is little or no evidence of his working and presence. Many of our Christian homes are now under the control of the spirit of the world rather than the Spirit of God. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is unity. Where he abides, there is rest and peace, unspeakable joy, and victory over the spirit of this world.

We need to take back the spiritual authority in our homes. If a Christian husband and wife are not in total unity, flowing together in the Spirit and love of Jesus, there is extreme danger ahead. One or both are not walking in the Spirit. When both are seeking God in private prayer and devotion to God, the Spirit works his wonders.

God is doing something new in the land right now. Something so powerful, so supernatural, it is terrorizing hell. The Holy Ghost has come to separate a people unto the Lord. Being successful is not nearly as important as hearing from God. To newly baptized saints, prospering means seeing Jesus in a new and living way. Houses, land, furniture, cars, clothes—all these things have lost their charm to a people now passionately in love with the Lord of glory. The Holy Ghost has come to reveal Christ as the Savior of homes—our homes!

I have seen into the spiritual world and I see demons fleeing. I see powers of darkness trembling because God's true church, a once slumbering giant, has been provoked by the Holy Ghost to shake itself and rise up and claim its place of power and authority.

Entire families, entire churches, entire ministries are being turned upside down. God is saying, "Get serious about spiritual things and I will meet your every need!" The Father is doing great things all around the world and we can be a partaker of his mighty blessing.