Ever since the cross, all spiritual giants have had one thing in common. They were in close communion with the Lord; they became lost in the glorious vastness of Christ; and they died lamenting they still knew so little of him. So it was with Paul, with all the disciples, and with many early church fathers; with Luther, Zwingli, and the Puritans; with the pious English preachers; and with many godly leaders today.

Every one of these giants shared the same ruling passion: an ever-increasing revelation of Jesus Christ. They cared nothing for the spectacular, the earthly, the things of this world, success, ambition or worldly fame. They prayed—not for things, not for physical blessings, not to be used, not for anything of self, but only for a fuller revelation of the glory and vastness of their Lord.

Satan is displaying greater power, and hell is unleashing all its fury on this generation. The enemy strongholds are much more fortified, powerful, and entrenched than in any past generation. Without a doubt, Satan is revealing himself to the world as never before and he is becoming better known, less feared, and more accepted.

A basic Bible school knowledge of Christ will not be enough in this final war! Knowing about him is not enough. We need to seek for a greater revelation of the Holy Spirit. That requires much time at his table. You get to know him only by being much in his presence, only by sitting with him, hearing his voice, waiting on him for divine wisdom. Busy, preoccupied men seldom get to know him.

Paul was committed to an ever-increasing revelation of Jesus Christ. All he had of Christ came by revelation. He said, "By revelation he made known to me the mystery" (Ephesians 3:3). The Holy Spirit knew the deep and hidden secrets of God, and Paul prayed constantly for the gift of grace to understand and preach "the unsearchable riches of Christ" (v. 8). Paul said we have access to these glorious riches in Christ. In speaking of God's eternal purposes, he said, "In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him" (v. 12).

God is looking for believers who will seek a revelation of him that is all their own—a very deep personal intimacy that unlocks “the unsearchable riches of Christ.”