Today, I was impressed to speak to those who are emotionally and intellectually bending beneath a burden too heavy to bear.

The promises of God do not seem to be working for you or your family. You have tried to please God, you pray — you truly love Him — but you are right now at the end of your strength and endurance.

Your trials increase as you hold on to your faith. It seems to you God is silent toward you.

BELOVED, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Multitudes of godly people are suffering in like manner and Satan whispers — God’s word is not true! We know that is the devourer speaking. Don’t fear the powers of hell.

Go to Job 19 - read the whole chapter. Job said “I cry, but I am not heard…God has fenced me in…He has put darkness in my path…He has destroyed me on every side…He counts me as one of His enemies…” (19:7-11).

In the midst of this satanic attack - Job cries out-“For I know my redeemer lives, and he shall stand upon the earth…and though worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God…with my own eyes shall I behold Him…” (19:25-27)

God said “Ephraim is given to idols, leave him alone” (Hosea 4:17). No trials, no tests for that tribe. But you are not given to idols. You are still the apple of His eye. God sees something in you worth working on.

God chastens those He loves. It is not pleasant, and it hurts - but it is the Father saving us for His own glory to be revealed in years ahead.

He has never loved you more than now. Take heart - God is still speaking to you.