I wonder if the angels are baffled by all the worry and anxiousness of those who claim to trust in the Lord. To those celestial beings, it must seem insulting to God that we worry as if we had no caring Father in heaven.
What perplexing questions the angels must ask among themselves:
“Do they not believe the One who loves them? Did He not tell them He knows about all their needs? Do they not know the Father sends us to take charge of them in times of danger? Do they not believe that He who feeds the birds, the fish, the whole animal kingdom will feed and clothe them? How can they fret and worry when they know God possesses all power, all wealth, and can supply the needs of all creation? How can they accuse Him of neglect, as if He isn’t true to His Word?”
The birds sing, while we complain and speak of fear and anxiety. The lilies of the field stand tall in their glory, while we wilt and bend before the smallest wind of adversity.
The following poem puts it succinctly:
The very birds reprove thee with all their happy song;
            the very flowers teach thee that fretting is a wrong.
“Cheer up,” the sparrow chirpeth. “Thy Father feedeth me;
            think how much He careth, oh lovely child, for thee.”
“Fear not,” the flowers whisper, “since thus He hath arrayed
            the buttercup and daisy. How canst thou be afraid?”
Then don’t you trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you.
            You’ll only double trouble, and trouble others too.
You most definitely have a heavenly Father. Trust in Him!