"Dear Pastor David, A few years ago my husband lost a job that was very important to him. This was tragic for him, as he lost all his self-esteem and his good income, and he has never recovered. Even though he's employed, his present salary is less than half of what it was. Now I am the family’s primary breadwinner.

“A few weeks ago I was looking for something to read when the Lord led me to a box of papers I had kept. I pulled out one of your old sermons, ‘A Place Called Wits’ End.’ As I read this message, God's Spirit ministered to me that that's exactly where I am—at my wits’ end!

"God showed me through your message that I've turned in anger against my husband. I've been depending on him—that is, on the flesh. I need to turn to Jesus alone as my hope, as the only one who can provide for me and bring me out of these problems. I know now that my husband can never bring me out. Yet as I read your message, I received assurance that God is with me.

"I'm not through my trial yet. It's still very hard. Sometimes when I look down the road, I see potential disasters hemming us in like the children of Israel. Yet God has shown me I have doubted His love for me and His faithfulness to provide for me.

"I've also realized, as you've taught, that I've been good at suppressing my fears and have never dealt a deathblow to my doubts. Now I want to put an end to all that. I choose to praise God for loving me and providing for me, even though I haven't seen the provision yet.”

Dear saint, you may have more bad days coming. But you must come to the place where you can say, "Jesus, I cast all my cares upon You now. I'm an heir to the riches of God in Christ Jesus. And I know those riches include full supply of all my physical needs."

You can believe and trust God for that!