“I am blameless, yet I do not know myself;
I despise my life” (Job 9:21).

God seems so great and big;
I seem so small and imperfect.
He commands the sun and it rises;
I break to pieces in a tempest.
He spreads out the heavens and walks on waves,
But He goes by me and I see Him not.
He rules the chamber of stars.
If I call to Him in the heavens
And He answered,
Yet I would not believe He heard my voice.
I feel like God has wounded me
Without cause.
He is the Judge,
But who will plead for me?
When I try to justify myself,
My own mouth condemns me.
The feeling grows
That even if I were perfect,
I would not know myself.
I would still despise life
We are really of yesterday
And know nothing,
For life is a shadow.