We are facing a time when the word deliverance will take on a whole new meaning! In the past, Christians have thought of deliverance mainly as physical healing but soon the greatest deliverance will be from fear and terror!

Deliverance at that time will mean having a “sure word from heaven.” Jesus said that men’s hearts will fail them for fear as they see the awful things coming on the earth (see Luke 21:26) Indeed, people will clamor to know what God is going to do next. They will turn in all directions, wanting to hear the voice of someone who is calm, peaceful, not going crazy. They will cry, “Please tell me! Is this God’s judgment? When is it all going to end?”

And who do you think is going to have the answers? You! The ordinary Christian who has been shut in with God! You will be full of calm and peace while everything is falling apart, because God is with you and you’re hearing from heaven. He warned you this was coming and He promised to protect you!

I believe God is going to use His holy remnant in these last days to stir multitudes, revive pastors, and awaken churches. This army will turn people’s hearts back to God by bringing them to repentance—through prayer and godly reproof of sin.

When I speak of a holy remnant in training, I do not mean an army of preachers, evangelists and missionaries. I am talking about ordinary saints, lovers of Jesus who themselves will be signs and wonders to the world, peaceful and calm. God does not want a professional army trained in man’s methods. He wants men and women who are trained in prayer by the Holy Spirit! He is seeking believers who are shut in with Him, preparing their hearts before Him, learning to hear His voice.

Does this describe you? Is your life right now a witness to a scared and shaken world? I urge you to get alone with God and let Him speak to you. Ask Him to reveal the sin in your life. Forsake all that the Holy Spirit convicts you of. Make yourself available to Him by giving yourself to prayer and then you will be a ready soldier in His great, last-day remnant army.