We all have a secret graveyard in our lives. I’m talking about someone or something we gave up on long ago. We have buried it, placed a tombstone over it and written the date of death on it.
I think of a dear acquaintance who told my wife and me about going to her children’s graduation ceremony. This woman’s husband had left her years before for another woman. At the graduation, the man and his new wife showed up, along with many of his new relatives.
How difficult it was for her. At that point, our friend’s former marriage was beyond resurrection and she had accepted it. Yet, as she sat within a few feet of her ex–husband and his new family, God led this woman to go back to the gravesite of her marriage. And in obedience, she began to pray for the salvation of her former husband, as well as for his wife.
Why would she do this? She wanted him resurrected from the death of sin. You see, because she knew Christ, she refused to give up on the dead. She walked in the assurance that Jesus has present-day resurrection power to bring life out of death.
Our Lord brings life out of death and He never gives up. All that is needed is His word, His breath, and suddenly what appears dead and hopeless comes to new life.
Jesus not only claimed to have power over death, saying, “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25), but He proved it!
Dare we believe what Jesus said about resurrection life and apply it to our lives?