We simply cannot explain why many righteous people face insurmountable sufferings. Why do the difficulties increase for those who love God deeply?
“It’s all meant to teach patience.”
“It teaches God’s people to trust Him more.”
Really? Are those actual reasons or nothing more than clichés? Certainly such statements are empty of meaning to those who are enduring critical crises.
During a recent time of great personal testing, I asked the Lord, “If there are lessons I need to know from this present trial, please teach me.”
The Spirit spoke clearly to my heart: “Your present affliction has nothing to do with chastening. In fact, it has nothing at all to do with this world. Your intense, long-lasting trial has to do with eternity. I am preparing you for your service and ministry in My Kingdom.”
Dear saint, I believe we are being weaned from everything that is of this world. The pains we are experiencing right now are awful birth pangs. God has allowed us to be so weakened of human strength that we will stop all our striving and let Him take us the rest of the way.
There is an old gospel song:
By and by, when the morning comes, 
When all the saints of God are gathered home, 
We will tell the story of how we've overcome, 
And we'll understand it better by and by. 
I have testified of God’s goodness throughout my lifetime. And in the new world to come, I’m going to tell my story all over heaven—the story of how real, near and merciful Jesus was to me in my worst times. Glory to God!