CROSSING OVER by Gary Wilkerson

Over the years, many sincere Christians begin to drift in their faith—perhaps because of deep disappointment in a previous experience. To step forward in faith, they must "cross over" that disappointment, trusting God in a new way.

Perhaps you're trusting God for a blessing to your family or children. Or you're believing Him for a certain ministry to be fulfilled in your life. Maybe you are seeking God for freedom from a habitual bondage or you want to break free from some inner struggle that holds you back from trusting Him.

Some of us need outright miracles, supernatural interventions in our lives or in the life of a loved one. In short, God has called all of us to cross over. When Israel came to the Jordan River, God desired that not one of His people be left behind.

Any experienced Christian will tell you that there is never a time when you're more subject to fear, anxiety, doubt and uncertainty than when you're poised to cross over your Jordan,. Why? Because you're on the brink of possessing the land God has called you to inhabit. That's the time the enemy—and our flesh—put up resistance.

Life is always easier on this side of the Jordan because it's comfortable; nothing is being asked of us. But when God stirs us toward movement, suddenly the things that once made us comfortable become uncomfortable to us. They begin to feel static, decaying, even death-like. If we persist in staying in our comfortable place, we risk losing our vision and passion for life in God.

Joshua wasn't immune to this temptation. When God called him to action, here was the first instruction He gave: "Be strong and courageous" (Joshua 1:6). God spoke this to Joshua three times within four verses because He knew that Joshua needed to hear it.

To do what the Lord has called us to, we each must summon our strength to take it on. We have to stir up courage. For some, this could mean the courage to forsake things that have given a false sense of comfort. If you're stressed, disturbed or disrupted in your spirit, ask the Lord to show you why. If He is asking you to let go of something, that could be your first move in stepping forward with faith.