In Mark 4:2 we are told, “And [Jesus] taught them many things by parables.” Imagine what happened with the majority of that crowd after they went home. Neighbors crowded around them, anxious to know what Jesus had said: “What message did He bring? Tell us all you learned.” Those who had heard Him might have been able to repeat His parables but their words would have been dead, lifeless, with no impact or life-changing power.

I believe the same thing happens in Christ’s Church today. The word that goes forth from many pulpits is dead-letter, with no Holy Spirit revelation or power to deliver from sin. Then, when the people go home, many of them merely repeat the word they’ve heard without the life of the Spirit. What a contrast to the hungry disciples and the others who remained followers of Christ in this scene. These people represent everyone who hungers for God’s Word, and who will pursue Jesus at any cost to get it. They comprise a “Queen of Sheba Company,” servants who want Christ’s life-changing revelation.

How does Jesus respond to their pursuit? He says, “Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all things are done in parables” (Mark 4:11). The Greek word for mystery here means secrets. In short, Christ reveals His secrets only to those who hunger for life-changing truth. He is saying, “If you want answers to your hard questions, pursue Me. Spend time with Me. I’ll reveal My Word to you, and show you truth that others don’t see.”

So, who are those “that are without” (Mark 4:11)? Jesus is referring to the multitudes who are not willing to wait upon Him. They won’t give up their comforts to do what is necessary to train their ear to His voice. They may come to church regularly and seek the Lord to meet all their human needs, but they’re not interested in knowing His voice beyond His ability to provide for them. His freeing truth remains a bafflement to them, a series of unopened riddles.