Right now, we are living in the biblical period known as the “latter rain” and God’s plan has been set in motion. All around the world, the high walls of Satan’s city are coming down.

Think about what has happened to Communism. Literal walls have come down in Germany, Russia and throughout Eastern Europe. Millions of people who once lived under Satan’s tyranny are being freed, and many are hearing the gospel preached for the first time. A “strong people,” once hardened in sin, are now praising God.

I tell you, we are living in a special time. I have never seen anything like it in my fifty-plus years of ministry. Our team conducted a crusade in Nigeria, and 500,000 people came on a single night. There is a hunger for God that seems to be unprecedented as we are seeing things happen I never would have dreamed possible.

One of those wonders is taking place in Iran. Several decades ago, my book The Cross and the Switchblade was printed covertly there. An estimated 25,000 copies have been in circulation. Also, the Jesus film has been shown in secret to hundreds of groups. Now hundreds of thousands of Iranians are being saved through gospel messages such as these.

I recently received a stirring report about a Teen Challenge drug program in a Middle Eastern nation I’m not allowed to name. This Islamic country is riddled with alcoholism and drug addiction. Government officials admit that the problem is over their heads, yet through the delivering power of Jesus Christ, the Teen Challenge program has produced hundreds of graduates who have been saved, delivered and set free.

One graduate is now the overseer of a Pentecostal denomination there. He says that the nation’s drug czar attended Teen Challenge’s graduation ceremony. This prominent Islamic leader heard dozens of young men stand up and testify of how Jesus healed them of their addictions. (What the czar probably didn’t know is that over one hundred graduates have gone on to start churches in that nation.) The government now recognizes Teen Challenge as the most successful drug program in the country.

It’s happening all over the world in unbelievable ways: Satan’s walled city is coming down!

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh” (Acts 2:17).