“I proved thee at the waters of Meribah” (Psalm 81:7).

We really do not know what is in our hearts (see Jeremiah 17:9). It doesn’t matter how many years we have walked with the Lord, how many hours we have prayed, or how much Bible knowledge we have acquired. If God sees something in us that is not of faith—an area where we have not trusted Him to empower us to overcome—He will take us to Meribah (a place of testing/proving). He will put us in a situation that is humanly impossible and we will be severely tested.

You may honestly believe you have a loving heart toward all your brothers and sisters in Christ. “The Lord has given me the ability to love everyone,” you testify, but He knows you have a problem in one area. You go ballistic whenever someone abuses your love or acts of kindness. When this happens, you carry a continual hurt and resentment inside, yet you continue saying you love that person.

How does God get at that kind of hypocrisy in you? He brings you to a place of testing. He allows a mean, in-your-face Christian to have at you! Suddenly, you find yourself praying, “Lord, why did You bring that person into my life? He’s a thorn in my flesh! I’ve tried to serve You faithfully but all I get in return is this abuse!”

The Lord has you at Meribah! He is trying to perfect something in you. He wants you to be able to rise up in your situation and shout, “I know my God is with me. My steps are ordered by Him and He will see me through all my hurt and anguish!”
God has brought you to Meribah but it isn’t the end. He has not forsaken you, so don’t give in, don’t stop holding on! The Lord is looking for faith, wanting to know what is in your heart. He knows how to meet your needs. He only wants you to trust Him!