A NEW CHAPTER by Gary Wilkerson

There are 28 chapters in the book of Acts, but for centuries God has been writing another chapter through tens of thousands of His disciples. Their names are not Philip or Tabitha or Timothy. No, today they have names like Jenny, Jimmy and Jonathan.

Jenny, a red-haired Australian, attends our church in Colorado Springs. She has the most fun laugh you’ve ever heard—and she’s crazy for the gospel. Every day she and her husband see God’s power move on the people they encounter.

Then there is a disciple named Jimmy, with whom I have ministered alongside for decades. Few people evangelize the way Jimmy does. Recently, when he led someone to the Lord, he suggested, “Let me lead a Bible study in your house.” Soon more people in that neighborhood were coming and getting saved. Jimmy did the same thing in another neighborhood. And then another. Bible studies are popping up all over the city because of one radical Christian who believes in the Spirit’s power to move hearts supernaturally.

Jonathan is a thirteen-year-old disciple in our church who prays with the authority of a lifelong missionary. His prayers bring adults to their knees because he has the sound of a broken and contrite heart. Jonathan hungers to see God save the lost, and his spiritual hunger is infectious.

The disciples I am describing are twenty-first century Christians who have been given first century power. Likewise, you and I are called to be equipped by the Spirit of God to do the work of God. I believe it is time for many in the church to no longer be mere hearers of His Word but also doers. Bible studies and prayer groups are good, of course. But it is one thing to know about Jesus and His glory and quite another to have His Spirit living inside us so that we minister as He did. The Holy Spirit has come to live in us so He can accomplish His purposes through us.

I urge you to pray with me: “Lord, may I be strong in learning Your Word—and may I be equally strong in doing your Word. Bring Pentecost here today, Lord! Amen.”