KNOW THAT GOD IS GOOD! by Gary Wilkerson

God is good in your life, watching out for you and protecting you. There is not one thing in your life, not one habit, one sin or one emotional difficulty you face that Jesus does not have power over.

When Nehemiah came to Jerusalem and saw the terrible, broken-down condition of the city, he led the Jewish people living there into a spiritual breakthrough and time of rebuilding (see the book of Nehemiah). I can say to you today, just as Nehemiah said to his people, that if you will trust Jesus, turn your whole heart, energy and life over to Him, Satan and your enemies will be crushed, conquered, and completely defeated. No enemy that is deeply lodged against you behind any gate will be able to be protected. Those enemies are going to be removed and made to flee.

Old habits, old fears, old addictions approach and afflict us and sometimes we turn back to them. But God is saying to us, “Fix your eyes on Me! If you will let Me be your victory, we will see the last of that.” Listen to what God is saying!

If we will let Him be our victory then we have seen the last of our enemy. Oh, the enemy will still buffet us just as he did Jesus when he left Him after the temptations in the wilderness. But if you will keep Jesus on the wall of your heart, the wall of your life, He will root out all those emotional difficulties.

You may be living in fear of habitual patterns of sin, the things you might return to. You know that you are cleansed from them but because they are so close, you feel that any moment you may be drawn back to their bondage and you are afraid.

I am here today to call you to a place of security and safety in Christ Jesus when you trust Him with all your heart.

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:57).