The purpose of intimacy with Jesus is to have a revelation of the Father. If your eyes are not opened to the Father, you have not entered into the fullness of intimacy with Christ.

Jesus told the disciples, "You need a revelation of who your Father is. You must be able to teach others, who are like sheep without a shepherd right now. They think nobody cares, that they're illegitimate children. So you must do works as I did, speak as I spoke. They need to know they have a loving Father in heaven" (see John 14:6-9).

Beloved, we also need that revelation. We must to be able to say to the world, "Watch my life. Listen to what I say. See the works I do. It's all about my heavenly Father."

I imagine Jesus saying the following to them: "So, you want Me to show you the Father? Just think back to the wedding of Cana, when I turned the water into wine. That was was an expression of My Father. He was showing His concern for even the smallest, insignificant needs of His children. He was showing He cares about family, about marriage, about food for His children. That was the Father at work! I’ve never done anything on My own, but only what He has told Me to do” (see John 14:10-11).

He goes on, "Do you remember the feeding of the four thousand, and later the five thousand? Those people had been without food for almost three days. You saw how hungry they were and you asked, 'How will we feed them?' So I broke the loaves and fishes and divided them up. You saw how the people grabbed at the abundance of food. You remember all the baskets of leftovers.”

Why does Jesus say the Holy Spirit will bring all things to our memory? It is so we can have a revelation of the Father. So we can replay in our minds every miracle He has done in our lives — every deliverance, every wonderful work. Jesus is saying through it all, "Everything I have done for you is an expression of the heavenly Father — who He is and what He wants to be to you!"