THERE IS A TIME! by Gary Wilkerson

There is a time! I am talking about when it is time to stand up and take action. A time when it is right to say, “I believe God is calling me to be an answer to help in rescuing hurting people.”

There is a time when you hear of a church going to the mission field—a time to say, “God bless them.” There is a time to engage in prayerful faith—and then there is a time for you to get up and go. It’s time to arise—to take action!

In Genesis 14:14-16 Abraham did just that when he heard that his nephew Lot had been taken captive. He got up, armed his three hundred and eighteen men and took them with him. He was outnumbered by tens of thousands to just his few hundred but God gave him a plan. Abraham said, “We’re going to split into two troops and we’re going to go in at nighttime.”

Do you see what he was doing? He was getting the mind of Christ for the battle plan.

Some of us are like Lot when we get upset or enraged, even though we know his actions got him into trouble. We say, “I’ll get up but I’ll take action in my own strength,” rather than listening to the Lord. I am not talking about a fleshly rising up and getting something done because you’re a New Yorker or your political beliefs are different from somebody else’s. I am talking about getting something done because you are a follower of Jesus Christ.

You move in the Spirit, you walk in the Spirit, and you hear the Spirit speak to you. Out of that comes trust, prayerful faith, but also an active, moving, engaging, vibrant life where you become a witness, a servant. You become engaged in ministry that makes a difference in people’s lives. Wherever you are involved—if your teenagers are in trouble or your husband/wife is far from God—you are engaged in speaking into their lives. You are modeling something that is different from what the world has to offer.

Wives win their husbands to the Lord through their humility; through their love; through their service. Men see their families come to Jesus Christ when they stop acting like ogres and begin to really serve and love and put others ahead of themselves.
The type of faith the Holy Spirit is calling us to says, “God, I need You and You want me to become involved.”