The Bible declares emphatically that not one tear of his children falls to the ground. David said, “Put my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?” (Psalm 56:8). The tears of the godly are so precious to him, he preserves them. If God preserves my tears, will he not preserve me?

It is almost too fantastic to take it all in. What strikes me in such a word is that if he counts every tear of mine, then how precious is my blood to him—my livelihood—my needs.

Until we are persuaded in our minds that God takes special notice of each and every affliction which we endure, it is impossible we can ever obtain such confidence so as to believe that he would put our tears into his bottle. Can we believe that truth—that the God who numbers every hair on our heads and bottles every tear—will he not then interpose on our behalf?

Hear this word in your spirit: Every tear you have shed over past sins, every tear shed in times of afflictions and stress, every tear shed over lost souls is written in his book.

You may say, “I don’t weep. I seldom shed tears.” I believe in soul tears—only God sees them—inward, silent tears shed often in times of trouble and need.

Not one of your tears has been wasted! Not one is in vain. To believe in God is to believe this incredible truth!