God has a preconceived plan to deliver us out of our fiery trials. No matter what you are going through, God has a plan tailored for every difficulty. It is a plan that could never be conceived or imagined by the human mind.

Take, for example, the fiery trials facing Israel in the desert. There was no bread, no food of any kind. What committee, what intercession group could have come up with this, “Let’s pray that tomorrow we wake up and discover white flakes of angel’s food covering the ground—with a taste of honey.”

God had a plan—a miracle, inconceivable plan. Incredible!

Then there was no water. The hot desert parched their lips. There was no way to survive, humanly speaking. Hundreds of thousands weeping, facing a life-and-death crisis.

Who could have imagined how God could save the day? Who could have pointed to a big rock and suggested to Moses, “Go; strike it and cause a river of water to flow out”?

But God had a plan—conceived in his mind long before the crisis.

Go back to the Red Sea, with an impassible sea before them—Pharaoh’s army racing toward them. Impossibilities! Hopelessness!