We know that all through the Bible, the number seven is equated with God’s eternal purpose. Therefore, I believe the number of 7000 that God quoted to Elijah in 1 Kings 19:18 simply denoted everyone who made up his remnant. The people he sets aside for himself could number 70 or 7 million. What matters is that they are wholly given to him.


So, what are the characteristics of the remnant? Here are three defining marks:


1.     An unchangeable commitment to cling to the Lord. Every remnant believer has made a single-minded choice to swim against the tide of evil. At some point, you have to make a commitment, declaring, “I don’t care what others say or do. I am the Lord’s. And I won’t give in to the wicked spirit of this age.”

2.     A willingness to identify with the poor. While society’s trend is to associate with the rich and successful, you align yourself with the suffering class. Obadiah was a godly man serving in Jezebel’s house. He was determined to fear God and no one else and he proved that his heart was right and was with the poor by taking care of 100 ragged, suffering prophets (1 Kings 18:4).

3.     A reliance on hope. The 7000 in Elijah’s time endured because of their hope in a coming day of deliverance. Likewise today, the church’s blessed hope is the soon return of Jesus. With one trumpet blast, all wickedness will end. Our Lord will do away with all killing of babies, all blatant perversions, all ethnic genocide.


Do these three marks characterize you as a part of God’s holy remnant? If so, God boasts of you, “This one has given his heart to me. He’s focused on me. And he is wholly mine!”


We are to evangelize, minister and work while it is still day. We are also to live in the hope that King Jesus is coming. And he’s bringing a new world with him, where he’ll rule from his eternal throne.