According to Hebrews, the sole reason Jesus will pour out His Spirit in these last days is to shake up God's house. Everything that is unholy, unclean or of flesh will be shaken, swept up, wiped out.

Our ministry receives heartrending letters from precious saints who grieve over what they see happening in their churches. There is a constant clamor for “new works,” and horrendous things are being introduced daily—fleshly manifestations, foolish practices. One person writes that every week his church features punk rock concerts, with performers who look and act like secular, devil-influenced groups. Still others write of empty, dry, permissive preaching.

I tell you, all that is about to change. The Lord is going to speak powerfully, exposing everything that is false. How will this shaking and exposing happen? It will happen through a man—Jesus! He vows to speak to all who are living in sin, disobedient, clinging to things His word has condemned. And His voice will be unmistakably clear.

First, He will speak tenderly to every backslider who has strayed, saying, “Why have you not listened to My plea for you to return? Why have you turned a deaf ear to My call to repent and be restored? Come to Me now, before your life is shaken to the foundation.”

Jesus will also speak to godly men and women who pursue truth, purity and holiness. Even now He is raising up a people whose hearts have received His shaking, convicting word. They are shut in with the Lord—and He is going to give them power to speak for Him.

So, how will the Lord speak to you? Are you receiving His word of shaking, allowing it to work in your heart? Or are you living a double life—still indulging in fornication, adultery, hatred, bitterness? If you claim, “Christ is my Lord,” yet still have hidden sin in your life, you can know you’ll hear Him say, “Why haven’t you come back to My grace? Why have you continually rejected it? You’ve heard My loving call and tasted my loving-kindness yet you’re going your own way. Why?”

Here is the good news: This supernatural shaking—God’s housecleaning, in both the nation and the church—will result in an unshakable foundation. It will produce a holy, pruned church—boasting a remnant of saints who walk in the fear of God and the righteousness of Christ.