It is not enough for us to simply believe in God as the Creator, the maker of all things. We also have to believe that He is a God who yearns to do the impossible in our lives. The Bible makes it very clear: If we don’t believe this about Him, we don’t trust Him at all.

In my opinion, no amount of counseling will do a person any good if he doubts God for a miracle. Don’t misunderstand, I am not against Christian counseling. But it is useless to counsel someone who isn’t fully convinced that God can fix his problem, no matter what it may be.

As a pastor who counsels, I know I cannot offer anything to a married couple unless they believe God can save their relationship. Things may appear absolutely hopeless to them; they may have built up years of resentment and bitterness. But they must be convinced God can do the impossible.

I tell such couples right away, “Yes, I’ll counsel you but first I have to ask: Do you truly believe God can fix your marriage? Do you have faith that no matter how impossible things look to you, He has the power to restore your relationship?” Jesus has spoken clearly to each of His children: “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27).

All over this nation, Christians are giving up on their marriages. Even some of my minister friends are divorcing. When I talk with them about their situation, I realize they don’t think their marriage can be healed. They simply don’t trust God to do the impossible for them.

Many Christian spouses who come to see me for counseling have already made up their minds to leave the relationship. The only reason they are there is to get my approval on the direction they have predetermined.

Beloved, no counselor in the world can help you unless you absolutely believe God’s Word that nothing in your life is beyond His ability to fix. Otherwise, your Christianity is in vain—because you believe in God only up to a point. You don’t truly trust Him to be God of the impossible.