MY INHERITANCE by Gary Wilkerson

Jacob, one of Isaac’s sons, wrestled with God for a large portion of his life. Even in his mother’s womb, because his brother was coming out first, Jacob grabbed hold of Esau’s heel and tried to pull him back in. Why? Because Jacob wanted to be first—he was wrestling for the blessing (see Genesis 25:24-26).

You know the story of how Jacob bribed his brother with stew (Genesis 25:29-34) and then deceived their father into giving him Esau’s rightful blessing (Genesis 27:27-29). Jacob was a man who always felt empty and unblessed on the inside. He did not feel God’s favor on him so he spent his whole life wasting time and energy trying to attain something he already had. He was always wrestling, wrestling, wrestling with God . . . for what? You can hear him say it time and time again: “Bless me, Lord! Let me have my inheritance.”

Wrestling with God sometimes causes us to lose the very blessing that He has provided for us. We must come into rest, into that place of trust, and say, “God, I don’t care what the situation around me seems like, I’m going to trust You.”

Do you remember the actual wrestling that Jacob did with God? The angel descended and there was an overnight battle. The Bible says Jacob wrestled with God and he prevailed (Genesis 32:23-30).

God was saying to Jacob, “Let it go, Jacob. This battle is over. You have been fighting to be blessed your whole life and you haven’t known that I have already blessed you. I have given you My inheritance, My love, My grace, and My power. I have given you everything you need according to My riches in glory so you need to stop wrestling for it. Just receive it by faith and walk in obedience with Me. Do what your father did, do what Abraham did, and you will see the blessing of God on your life.” And so finally Jacob trusted God!

God wants to favor you and enrich your spiritual life. He wants your discernment to be clear so that you will make wise decisions that lead to blessing in your life. Remember, God wants to bless you!