The glory of God and the worthiness of his Son are involved in his dealings with us. Hence everything that could possibly stand in the way of our eternal blessedness has been disposed of in such a manner as to secure the divine glory and furnish a triumphant answer to every plea of the enemy.

Is it a question of trespass? He has forgiven us all trespasses.
Is it a question of sin? He has condemned sin at the cross, and thus put it away.
Is it a question of guilt? It is cancelled by the blood of the cross.
Is it a question of death? He has taken away its sting and actually made it part of our property.
Is it a question of Satan? He has destroyed him by annulling all his power.
Is it a question of the world? He has delivered us from it and snapped every link which connected us with it.

Thus, beloved Christian reader, it stands with us if we are to be taught by Scripture, if we are to take God at his word, if we are to believe what he says—and we may add, if it be not thus, we are in our sins, under the power of sin, in the grasp of Satan, obnoxious to death, part and parcel of an evil, Christless, godless world and exposed to the unmitigated wrath of God—the vengeance of eternal fire.

Oh that the blessed Spirit may open the eyes of God’s people and give them to see their proper place, their full and eternal deliverance in association with Christ who died for them, and in whom they have died, and thus passed out of the power of all their enemies!

Excerpted from the writings of J.B. Stoney used in David Wilkerson’s personal devotions