I am convinced people lose hope because they’ve lost faith. They have heard many sermons, read many books, but all around they see examples of shipwrecked faith. Christians who once espoused faith are now giving up their trust in God in the midst of their hard times. So where do people turn for hope? The Spirit spoke a clear word to me: “You have to anchor your faith. Set your heart to trust God in everything, at all times.”


To “set” our faith means to “stabilize, make unshakable, set down roots, put pillars underneath, lay a foundation.” Scripture says it is within our power to do this. James writes, “He that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord” (James 1:6-7).


In this passage, the Lord lays the whole responsibility on the believer. God is telling us, in essence, “When the world looks at my people in these days of trembling and anxiety, they have to be able to see faith. While everything is shaking, faith is what must remain solid and unshakable. So, you, believer, anchor your faith. You. Christian, take a fixed position. And never give up that position.”


I’m convinced that the world doesn’t need more sermons on faith. They need to see an illustrated sermon: the life of a man and/or a woman who’s living out their faith before the world. They need to see servants of God go through the same calamities they’re facing and not be shaken by them. Only then will sinners come face to face with the powerful testimony of unwavering faith.


David described this when he spoke of “them that trust in (the Lord) before the sons of men” (Psalm 31:19). He was talking about believers whose strong trust and faithful lives are beams of hope to those in darkness.


When you set your faith by bringing every burden and trial to Christ, leaving everything at his feet and resting in faith, you are going to be severely tested.


Once, when I was in the process of setting an enduring faith, when I truly laid all my burdens on the Lord, I received a phone call with news that shook me. For a moment, a flood of fear swept over me. But the Holy Spirit gently whispered, “Hold your faith position. Don’t give it up. I’ve got everything under control. Just stand steadfast.” I will never forget the peace that flooded through me at that moment. By day’s end, my heart was full of joy as I realized, “I trusted you. I did not waver. Thank you!”