Dearly Beloved

Today, when panic strikes in America – when the ominous news begin to send shock waves of fear across the land, and hysteria mounts – God’s people won’t be able to avoid feeling the huge wave of human anxiety. That’s right – I will feel it, you will feel it, all Christians are going to feel it. Such feeling is inevitable; it’s simply human to have this kind of reaction to such terrible chaos. Yet, at the same time, God will put within us the resources needed to take immediate control of every fearful thought and bring it into obedience to the truth of Christ. And his Spirit will fill our very beings with his perfect peace.

The upheaval that’s coming to America is not meant as a judgment on the church – but as a purging of the church! Indeed, those who love Christ and cling to him, the coming holocaust won’t be a judgment at all. You see, although God comes to the wicked as an avenger, he comes to the righteous as a redeemer.

God’s greater purpose in breaking down the American money machine is to deliver his redeemed children from the contagious spirit of materialism and worldly-mindedness now engulfing our nation.

Yet, in the midst of such time, God’s people are promised strength and peace. Indeed there is no confusion in the hearts and minds of praying, trusting believers.
Isaiah prophesied “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” Isaiah 26:3)

No matter what happens to the economy, no matter what crisis we face, no matter what sorrow or trouble may come our way, - OUR BLESSED LORD IS LEADING AND CARING FOR US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.